Welcome to The Home of the Morons


Moronville where Morons unite. Welcome to our home come and play at Moronville anytime just please leave the hacks at home. We have one of the fastest growing servers out there. Thanks to all the true gamers out there. Moronville is no longer a 14 slot server we have upgraded to 28 slots. I thank all those who played with us at our home. Moronville has out ranked many of the larger servers due to its popularity. We are working to make your gaming experience the best here at Moronville, well at times. You know we are just Morons so we due act like it at times. We hope to further expand the server in the future with hopes of much corporation from all our fellow gamers. If you have any questions or issues with the server please due contact us here on the forum page or a straight shout out on the tag board.

About Us:

We are a small yet growing group of friends. We originally started with only two members and have been slowly growing over the last 5 years. We began in 2002 playing battlefield and cannot let it go nor would we want to. We played two seasons of CAL League under the tags of =MFG= AND =ST=. After these two seasons Moron #1 and myself (Moron #2) commenced this deadly force in 2003 as the anti-clan. We scouted servers looking for the best and with the simple intension of defeating them. Shortly later Moron #3 was instated and we became a deadly trio. Over time friends joined our Moronic dream to overthrow the elite of the game, although we found many posing clans who's only skills come from hacks. We found these weak and cowardly gamers only as an insult to the game. We are looking as of now to increase our numbers and fight for our ideology. We are now here to officially own all those hackers, but our only dilemma is that they are afraid to fight us do to there lack of skill. We will show gamers across the world that hacks can never beat true skill.


Challenging a Moron:

If you care to do it go for it. We love a good challenge. Of course it will be here at Moronville. We will enable punk buster and auto-screenshot. This will be a pure fight only so no modifications. You poor babies who cant play without your modifications, all I can say is it sucks to be you. The only reason we say here at Moronville is to ensure a fair game. The auto screenshots will be eligible for challenging team to review after match if they so desire. The match will be held as if it were in a Cyber Amateur League Tournament. The challenger is always given the courtesy of selecting the first map. We will play two rounds per map after each round we switch sides. If there is a tie Morons get to choose the secondary map and side to break the tie. I wish all challengers the best of luck.



Thank you for playing at Moronville, where the Morons unite. Donations would be greatly appreciated. For your contributions will help us keep Moronville running and even spread to more slots and more servers. Where you can play at your leisure. Come to our Home where we can all be moronic together and help us pay the rent before we get evicted (LOL). We are here for you to play and to dominate in this game of war where we can only love you in so many ways with a weapon. Remember all donations will only help improve your game play here at Moronville.

Remember hackers we are coming for you!!

May we see you on the Battlefield!