Book of Moron


This is the Book of Moron Here we state the rules to be a Moron. We Live and fight under these rules. We follow our Moronic god to the depths of hell and back.

Remember My loyal morons to quote this book when you feel lost on the Battlefield, for our Moronic God will be there to guide you in the most desperate of times. These are our Moronic Commandments follow them my noble killers and you will have secured a spot in our Moronic afterlife.

1. I as a Moron so swear never to hack, although at times I may be tempted by the dark serpent I shall find the strength to turn away and own those who do fall into this evil task.

2. I as a Moron so swear never to bitch and complain, although at times we will find ourselves confronted by a adversary whom can only kill using a tank or spamming nades I must find it in myself to kill them over and over again to show them that a Moron's skill is superior in all areas not only a single area, as them poor gamers, for we are Uber and they shall never defeat our superior skill.

3. I as a Moron so swear to avenge myself, remember Do unto others as they do unto you. Own with a purpose even if it is self righteous revenge.

4. I as a Moron so swear to never follow a noob into battle. We shall not allow others to stray us from our destined path of ownage.

5. I as a Moron so swear to take full advantage of any opportunity for a full surprise attack as I am offered. It shall be seen as a act of our good Lord himself.

6. I as a Moron so swear to win at all costs, The only time I am to care more about my team then myself is when I am fighting along side my fellow Moron's. At all other times I am to dominate the game assuring my victory is well noted on the Scoreboard.

7. I as a Moron so swear to piss other players off, these are the only times we care to chat is to piss another gamer off, assuring that my gun is louder then my words.

8. I as a Moron so swear to shoot my adversaries tank, in the ass, for that is the way we may please them. Even if one of my fellow Moron's is in that tank.

9. I as a Moron so swear to always be loyal to my fellow Morons. I shall always side with them no matter how stupid it may be. For we are Morons and shall follow each other into hell if need be.


The Moron Oath of Loyalty

I as a Moron so swear to uphold these commandments given to me, decimating all those whom dare oppose it. Unless you are Morons 1,2, or 3 since these three numbers are supreme and are given the power to alter the Moronic Law at there will.