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We have had many application that we have turned down even though they are great players we do not tolerate immature activities which reflect negatively upon the Morons. We are looking for adult members. During the last 6 years Morons have been together we have seen many clans die due to there behavior. So here in the Moron's that mistake WILL NOT happen. Founders & CO Founders will make sure of that. The application process and the constant surveillance of applicants is placed to weed out the flakes in the game.

If you guys find someone on the Battlefield that's Uber good, please be sure they are not hackers, give them the address to the website and make sure you let a member of the Management Team know who they are by posting there name on the Moron's forum. Now just because you guys post someone's name here to be let in the clan it DOES NOT mean that they are 100% in. Moron numbers 1-3 must all agree to accept any applicants.

***Special Note: Make sure that if you are to apply that we are looking for Morons, but not Noob Morons, we are looking for Uber Morons. If you are going to recommend a Uber gamer please make sure they are Uber not simply Trained Noobs Remember when you sponsor a new recruit you are putting your own name out there for that person.

***Moron Test: This is a test, which will be given to all new recruits. It is simple, if you don't pass it you don't even get considered. No offense. The test will consist of 3 parts. The objective of each portion of the test is to successfully kill your opponent 5 times before they kill you 5 times. Part one will be a One on One Infantry. Part two will be a One on One tanks. Part three will be One on One Aerial assault. Your objective in this test is to defeat your opponent in two out of the three portions of the test. After completing this and only then you will be considered. This process will NOT take a day, it will take a few days if not weeks. We are looking for the best in this game and only those few. Good Luck!


1. Get to know us a little, Moron's is a close group of friends. We Do Not hack. Hackers will be banned from server and if accepted banned from the Morons.
2. You know we all have lives. We do expect our members to be active, but hey shit happens right. So if you leave just let us know you no longer want to be a Moron. NOTE: If your going on Vacation or something like that let us know ahead of time so we will know what's going on with you.
3. You must be a top player. If you suck at Battlefield 1942, sorry go else where we can not accept you. So play hard all the time and hope you get noticed.
4. You must download X-fire and Team Speak and be active on it! So we can speak with each other.
5. You must be an active member on the Moronville's forum.
6. We are looking for Adult Members Only, THAT MEANS 18+. 
7. You must be loyal to the Moron's therefore you may not belong to another clan if you are in the Morons. 

8. All Applicants must know the book of Moron as you will be tested for accuracy.

1. Please get to know the person very well. The older the better.
2. Make sure they are Uber at Battlefield 1942.
3. You must give a reason as to why you want this person in the Moron's.
If you are going to refer someone make sure they can beat you or are a great challenge to you.
Please Do Not refer the flakes of the game. You know the gamers who jump from clan to clan.


NOTE: Once you join, if you ever leave/quit you can NOT join again.
"Unless it is over turned by the FOUNDER or CO-FOUNDERS."







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