Although the Morons have found this new game we have also found the mods in this game very entertaining. We recommend some mods we have enjoyed playing that although you might do better in camping then going out Rambo style like we prefer. There are mods where you might want to find a corner or roof top where you can feel your back is safe or is it. We Morons enjoy the variety of game play, but we enjoy playing a human opponent over any intelligent computer do to all humans can be unpredictable, which makes it all the more challenging. So when we are called to duty to either protect our country from terrorist or bringing terror into our enemies, I wish you luck in which ever ideology you choose to defend or enforce.

Adrenaline Rush

The mods that morons play so far are simple we love to kill zombies. We play on a server that rotates from all of the regular maps with the Adrenaline Rush Mod. The mod consists of players joins the Marines or SAS in a attempt to kill the invading zombies. There are seven waves of Zombies with each wave getting bigger as you go along you must kill them all before they eat you to sustain there life. Be careful when playing they can spawn near everywhere. You may feel safe on a roof top, but if you allow too many to get there they will jump up there and eat you. Just like in regular game play head shots kill  them faster. So you better load and lock and do forget to set Bandolier because you are going to need those extra bullets.